Cornish Year 4
Spring '17
For this project I created wordmarks (also known as logotypes). Incorporating a company or brand name into a uniquely styled type treatment. A wordmark can be a font, but hand-lettered type and custom typography can imply a sense of style and refinement, which was the focus for this project.

I created 3 separate wordmarks, giving each company assigned a distinct typographic treatment. The goal being to brand each company with an appropriate custom hand lettered logo, paying attention to that company’s defined product and demographic.
Finally applying the wordmark on at least one other item: merchandise (hats, bags, t-shirts), signage, website banner ad, business papers, etc.

First we drew three businesses, I received: Tea Shop, 60's Surf Shop, and Yoga Apparel. Next we were given a list of nonsense words to choose from for our company names, I chose the word "Kinimo."
Tools: Brush Pen, Illustrator, Photoshop