Walk Sim Walk Sim

Cornish Year 4
Spring '17

Senior capstone project.
Walk Sim Walk Sim is a video game about video games. More specifically it is a brief critical analysis of the "walking simulator" genre, presented as a walking simulator.

WSWS first takes you through what a walking simulator is. Then looks at how people and critics perceive them; moving on to why walk sims work as well as they do. Finally, it talks about how they fit into the larger landscape of digital games.
Largely it was a educative and challenging experience. It led me through a lot of design choices I've never had to make or consider before. It was an immense undertaking, particularly as a singular person putting it together in a semester.

I consider it to still be a work in progress. At the moment I'm garnering feedback on this build, once I've had enough time I'll come back to it with a fresh perspective, new ideas, and give it a rework.

WSWS had a streamlined, playable build at the Cornish Design BFA Show.
Tools: Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, Playmaker, Probuilder, Substance B2M, Unity

Process/Project Doc Web

Process/Project Doc PDF

Rough Playable Build via itch.io