Poster Art for Advocacy

Cornish Year 4
Autumn '16

Poster Art for Advocacy was a semester long class in which I designed relevant social justice and environmental topics while exploring relationships between type, image, and message at a large scale. Assignments focusing on experimentation and personal voice. All while learning screen printing principles and techniques while producing my own work.
One Word Message

The starter poster to learn how to cut and use rubylith in the screenprinting process. We selected an endangered animal and an environmental issue out of a hat, then chose between the two. I drew pangolin and had to go with it. It's an exceedingly endangered animal that no one knows about, and is highly trafficked. I wanted to make the most of the latter and illustrate this in a way most people can understand. This poster was a Judge's Pick at the Annual Cornish Poster Show.

Political Poster

This is one the class went back and forth on, particularly with how vitriolic the election was. Ultimately the assigment came to be: do what you want. I wanted to capture a quote from Donald in a simple way, something that can speak for itself. Ultimately the result was simple but got the message across.

Social and Political Issues

The assignment was to make a public awareness poster, research their topic, and take an educational approach to their poster message. I chose the wetlands, or rather the gross lack of wetlands.

Social Justice Quote

This poster project explored topics of social issues and justice. We picked a favorite quote to educate and inform by designing a poster addressing the quote’s issue or cause. With the amount of fascists given platforms on all variety of media I sought something to address it as succinctly as possible.
Tools: Illustrator, Rubylith, Screenprinting