Dumpster Diving: The Ballad of Trash King

Cornish Year 3
Autumn '15

Let's make a game.
A semester long project where I spent some time learning how to use Unity and pretending I knew how to code. Ultimately I created a slice of something called Dumpster Diving: The Ballad of Trash King.

DD:TBoTK centers in on a possum, Trash King, who has been spurned by a local eatery. Having been kicked out for several reasons he deduces it to be his lack of upscale attire. He sets out on a journey to collect pieces of a suit and just might learn a little something along the way.
By the end of the project I had a small vertical slice of the game, a prologue/tutorial level to introduce controls as well as the story's premise.

The entire thing is a beautiful mess. I do not know how to write code and one [or several] of the shortcuts I took makes Trash King entirely unable to be exported. At this point redoing the whole thing would be easier than fixing it. I learned a lot while working this project and although it doesn’t exist in any sort of playable format it’s still a point of pride and something I’d love to return to someday and flesh out into something more.
Tools: After Effects, Illustrator, Unity