Dumpster Diving: The Ballad of Trash King

Cornish Year 3
Autumn '15

Let's make a game.
A semester long project where I spent some time learning how to use Unity and pretending I knew how to code. Ultimately I created a slice of something called Dumpster Diving: The Ballad of Trash King.

DD:TBoTK centers in on a possum, Trash King, who has been scorned by a local eatery. Having been kicked out for several reasons he deduces it to be his lack of upscale attire. He sets out on a journey to collect pieces of a suit and heck, just might learn a little somethin' along the way [probably not].
By the end of the project I had a small vertical slice of the game, a prologue/tutorial level to introduce controls as well as the story's premise.

The entire thing is a beautiful mess. I cannot code for the life of me and one [or several] of the shortcuts I took makes Trash King entirely unable to be exported. At this point redoing the whole thing would be easier than fixing it. Of course if you'd ever like to see it I can pull it up on my laptop and run it in Unity for you [So long as the latest version of Unity hasn't completely broken it.]
Tools: After Effects, Illustrator, Unity