Album Covers

Cornish Year 2
Spring '15

Create a series of five album covers for a real or fictitious musical act.
I can struggle with open ended projects so I immediately set about creating a narrative to guide myself through five different albums. I had to consider what kind of music would I create? What sort of journey would I go on? What are some consistent elements and themes?
The name Autotrap is something that stuck with me immediately [it has no relevance, it's simply a name I'd been wanting to use for some time]. I knew that name needed a glitch aesthetic. With my music career I’d certainly begin with a more serious tone, I’ve never made an album before so I’d have a lot to get off my chest. After that I’d produce something lighter, more fun. By the third album I’ve hit my stride and decide on a mascot, a deer. Next album is far more experimental. Last album I go back a bit to what was working best, and crush it.
Tools: After Effects, Audacity, Photoshop,  Processing