Opening hallway.

Exhibit Overview

Process Books

Printed Process Books. Spiral bound with a white vinyl under acetate over chipboard cover.

Game Spines

The Walking Collection spine designs.


The Walking Collection. Featuring the Firewatch design.

Wall Vinyl

Vinyl installed in the exhibit space, made to reflect the intro vinyl in WSWS.


Opening museum.


Gallery-esque space, displaying player and critic perceptions.


Transitionary space, leading to the outdoors.


Further transition.

The Larger Landscape

Further exposition on the state of games and how walk sims fit.

The Larger Landscape

Further exposition on the state of games and how walk sims fit.

Mac Setup

Approachability was an important factor, leading to the use of a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. As well as a parametric speaker to funnel sound toward the player instead of relying on headphones.

Cornish Year 4

Spring '17


Senior capstone project.


Walk Sim Walk Sim is a video game about video games. More specifically it is a brief critical analysis of the "walking simulator" genre, presented as a walking simulator.


WSWS first takes you through what a walking simulator is. Then looks at how people and critics perceive them; moving on to why walk sims work as well as they do. Finally, it talks about how they fit into the larger landscape of digital games.


Largely it was a educative and challenging experience. It led me through a lot of design choices I've never had to make or consider before. It was an immense undertaking, particularly as a singular person putting it together in a semester.


I consider it to still be a work in progress. At the moment I'm garnering feedback on this build, once I've had enough time I'll come back to it with a fresh perspective, new ideas, and give it a rework.


WSWS had a streamlined, playable build at the Cornish Design BFA Show.


Tools: Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, Playmaker, Probuilder, Substance B2M, Unity


Process/Project Doc


Rough Playable Build via